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strategic solutions for revenue growth

Change is a threat and an opportunity to evolve. Vertigo Digital brings talent and expertise to help companies accelerate their evolution process and deliver revenue growth.

Business Development

The core of revenue generation. Aligning Sales & Marketing strategies and efforts is the key for improving revenue generation. Enabling your salesforce, implementing digital marketing, defining your brand, developing new business development strategies. Digital means personal: we’ll help you meet your clients where and how they want.


Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics offer unprecedented opportunities: are you and your company ready? We’ll assess feasibility and costs & benefits to help you select an AI strategy. To elevate your team’s digital fluency, we have created a training program designed to establish a solid foundation and a common vocabulary.


Pioneered by a Wall Street hedge fund in the ’90s to help traders deal with stress, performance coaching is now a widespread practice among top corporations. We’ll help you implement a performance coaching program for your organization, starting from a package of sessions to creating your in-house Center Of Expertise.

We’re focused on improving performance in sales and marketing.

We design growth strategies combining expertise, intuition, and big-data analytics.

We see opportunities in the digital transformation.


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